Saturday, August 17, 2013

Half a Year Old!

Wow, where did the time go?!  It's hard to believe our sweet little boy is already half a year old!

This was another really big month for us.  I went back to work this week, which meant Connor started daycare.  We are sending him to the Charles Webb Center in West Ashley. It's definitely a drive for us considering we live out in Ladson, but they specialize in children with special needs and disabilities so it's a great place for Connor to be.  This also meant Connor's first sickness :(  He's got a nasty cold right now.  Coughing all over the place, which is causing him to spit up A LOT.  Totally congested and sneezing lots.  Poor baby.  He actually missed his very first day of daycare because he was under the weather.  

Here's some pictures of our sweet boy!

He has turned into a belly sleeper!

Officially a big boy and sleeping in his big boy bed!

Ahh, how sweet is this face?!  Patiently waiting for his echo cardiogram!

He did SO good!  He was actually awake, but calm and quiet...a first!

This was waiting for the cardiologist.  Such a sweetie!

Look who has 2 dimples!!!

I could just eat him up!

Even after having an MRI done and not eating for almost the whole day, he still managed to smile on the way home.

Connor spent one {last} night in his bassinet in our room after his MRI.  We wanted to make sure he was okay since he had been sedated and wasn't quite himself.

Passed out at Los Reyes.

I put my hands in the air like I just don't care!  Doesn't this look like a cute little 20's era bathing suit?!

Passed out and not feeling well :(

I'm on my way to my first day of day care!

Zonked out!

Here's a little recap of our month:
  • First :(
  • He's a big boy and has started daycare!  It's hard to leave him, but everyone there is SO nice!
  • Connor is talking a lot more which is great!  
  • He's still fussy or content most of the time...the happy moments are rare, but we love them so much!
  • Sleep has been kind of all over the place.  The sickness doesn't help.  There were a few nights where he would wake up several times or every few hours.  It was no fun.  Hopefully that's behind us.  Naps are still pretty sporadic.  We're hoping being at daycare will eventually get him on a schedule.
  • His eating has continued fine...we're still on all formula.  They don't want him eating solids until he has good head control.  He's been spitting up a lot more lately because of this wicked cold he's got.  His eating has also been pretty sporadic as well.
  • We are now down to seeing cardiology every 2 months....whoop whoop!

We still can't believe he's already 6 months old...such a sweet boy!