Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Connor Updates

Connor is doing good!  Here are some updates (and sweet pics!):

GI: After nearly 6 months of waiting, Connor finally went to the GI doctor.  Matt and I both went and it went as good as could be expected.  She saw no need for a GI/Feeding tube since he is eating and it’s an enjoyable thing for him (thank goodness!).  No blood work or ultrasounds were done (good news for Connor, ha!).  So here’s the results of the appt.:

  • Try the higher calorie formula again.  Most formula mixed according to the package is 20 calories.  We’ve tried 24 calorie and 27 calorie.  We ended up having to stop the 27 calorie formula a long time ago because he just didn’t seem to be eating enough, so he’s been on 24 calorie for a LONG time.  SO, we are going to try 27 calorie again and see how he does on it.  So far so good (our appt. was almost a month ago on May 14).

  •  Keep attempting solids.  I was glad to get the green light from GI on this that we should keep attempting it at least once a day to get him used to it.

  • Increased his acid reflux medicine and added a new acid reflux medicine.  You should see this poor kid’s medicine list.  It’s crazy!

  • TMI, but Connor had to give a stool sample to make sure he's not ridding himself of too much fat.  More like Mommy had to collect said stool sample from his next poopy.  That was lots of fun.  Probably not as funny as Matt walking into the wrong MUSC building with a biohazard bag of poop, ha!

Neurology:  At our last neurology appointment, we added a new seizure medication and increased his Keppra.  We certainly haven’t seen an increase in seizures, but he is still having them.  We have an appointment this Friday so we’ll see how that goes.

 Look at all that hair!  I love the swirl!

Solids:  We’re still attempting solids, but Connor does not enjoy them!  He much prefers getting his food from a bottle.  We’re hoping this will come when he’s ready.

Sleep:  We’ve actually had a few nights where he slept all night…wahoo!  A while ago (and I’m talking several months), Connor was sleeping through the night about once a week.  I’m not really sure I remember when it stopped, but I feel like it was maybe around when all of his teeth started coming in, or when he got sick or something.  So we are thrilled that we’re maaaaybe getting back to that.  

 Someone loves to get wedged up under the couch!

All in all, Connor is doing good.  He’s continuing to enjoy his “I time” (aka tummy time) and making lots of really cute and sweet noises.  It doesn’t mean we’re not still experiencing random bouts of fussiness or screaming, ha!

 Hanging with my Aunt Michele!

Thanks for everyone out there who reads this little 'ol blog.  I'm always hearing from people that they love the updates so I'll try to keep this a little more updated (easier said than done though).   

 Not totally opposed to his hat...sweet!