Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Positive!

Well, we had a fabulous trip to Atlanta.  Two weeks later, and Aunt Flo still has not visited.  I took a pregnancy test on Thursday, June 7, but it was negative.  I wasn't really surpised, since I wasn't sure when she was supposed to arrive.  After all, we've only just gotten off BC. 

However, I knew I ovulated (TMI?) on May 25 (ironically 11 years after Matt first asked me out) while we were in Atlanta.  So, I knew she should be visiting around the 8th or 9th of June.  I felt kind of funny yesterday (Saturday, June 9) and had quite a few cramps  and I actually had a dream I was pregnant (probably because I knew I planned to take a PT this morning).  In my dream, I went to the doctor and she confirmed my pregnancy.  A couple of coworkers were also there and immediately told my principal!  I hadn't even told my family yet!  Random...

So anyways, I woke up today with still no sign of Aunt Flo.  I took a test and it's definitely positive!

Okay, so you miiiight have to squint to see the second line, but it's definitely there.  I came downstairs all excited to tell Matt and he was kinda grumpy (it was early for a Sunday!).  I decided to wait and was going to do something special to let him know. 

A little while later, we were laying on the bed talking and he asked if I had ever gotten my period. 

"Nope, not yet."

I don't remember what he said, but I told him I took a test this morning and it was positive.  He kind of got wide eyed and did a double take.  I showed him the test from Thursday and the one from this morning.  I think he's still kind of in shock, but he's excited and I know he'll be a great dad.  We're of course holding off on telling the world, including our families, until about week 12.  It will be our little secret until then!  I am already so excited about this little bundle of joy and can say I'm officially 4 weeks pregnant!

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