Sunday, July 22, 2012

Telling the Parents

Last night we told our parents!

We've been having game nights for a while, so we invited them over for a game night.  Usually my sister and her family come over, but they are out of town for vacation.

Originally, Matt's parents were going to be going out of town this weekend.  However, they decided not too because his dad was really busy.  So, I casually suggested game night to them on Tuesday.  They were in and my parents were in.  However, on Thursday, they told us they would have to pass.  Matt got on the phone and forced convinced them to come.

Phew.  That was close.

I set up a video camera before they came to video their reactions.  I tried it in so many places, but it was hard to find a place that would record the love seat, couch, and chair.  I finally found the perfect place.  As soon as we saw my parents pull up, I hit the record button and we were good to go.

Matt needed to finish the burgers and hot dogs and I would pretend the potatoes weren't done and suggest we watch the video.  In all actuality, the potatoes weren't done so it worked out nicely.

This is the video we showed them:

They had NO idea so we definitely pulled off the surprise!  I was so excited and of course, they were too!

Shortly afterwards, Matt called both sets of grandparents and they were all thrilled.  My parents and I are holding off telling anyone on our side of the family because we want my sister to know first.  My mom thinks she'd rather find out in person, and I really don't want to tell her over the phone while she's on vacation.  It is interesting to note that when I found out my Aunt Malinda was pregnant, Michele was out of town then as well!

We finally ate and later as we were sitting around, Matt called his brother Thomas while he was at work on break and left a message for him to call us.  5 minutes later he showed up!  So, we showed him the video as well.  He didn't get it until the pregnancy test pictures but he was really excited as well.  We're so glad to finally let our loved ones know.  

Here's the video of our families watching the video :)

Now, the hard part.  We have to wait until Friday to tell my sister!  It's going to be a long week.  My parents won't tell any family members until after my sister knows.  SO excited!  I plan to video her reaction as well :)

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