Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Food!

On December 20, at 10 months old, Connor had his first taste of food other than formula.  We were originally going to do a veggie (and when I say originally I mean back before Connor was even born).  But, he's been through so much, we figure he's earned being able to have a fruit first so we did apples.  We had a speech therapist there to help us.  It's something we're going to continue to try to feed at least once a day and just something that is going to take work.  Our current plan is to dip his pacifier in the food since he's so used to the nipple from formula.  However, we will keep offering the spoon as well so he can get used to it.  Here are some videos!

Not doing a lot of eating in this one!

We've been giving him apples since Friday and I was SO excited in the difference I saw tonight.  He did a lot more smacking on his own and didn't seem to "need" the pacifier like he needed it before.  He does like to suck on it between bites.  His bib wasn't nearly as soaked in applesauce as it was before.  We're making progress!


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  2. it should be at 6months, coz here less chance they will have digestive probs then. but if they r still hungry after milk, start waking more through night, try getting 2your food, or just generally seem hungrier, u can wean them earlier, not b4 18weeks though, and talk 2ur health advisor 1st.


    1. It's also been scientifically proven that waiting to feed solids is better because even at six months, the tiny digestive system isn't quite ready to handle solid foods. Update your research :)

  3. No it shouldn't. It should be when the child is ready for solid food. I think it's awesome that you waited until he was a little older!! Baby led weaning is the way to go. After all, "food before one is just for fun!"

  4. I'm so happy that he's getting to taste something so yummy! How has it been working out so far?