Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sooooo Sleepy

If you're at all the least bit familiar with Connor in real life, you know that sleep is not something that comes easy for him.  There is usually at least one day a week when he takes no naps at day care.  That's right...a big goose egg...none.  We are still rocking him to sleep and yes, we are totally fine with it.  He has fallen asleep on his own a feeeeeew times in the crib, during tummy time, or even in the swing. 

Well last night we could tell he was getting sleepy so we took him up and bathed him.  He didn't want his paci or bottle so I turned him around for story time.  After Matt read to him, he was so content that I just let him stay like that.  He ended up falling asleep!  It was SO funny and cute.  Here are some videos and a pic for ya :)

Gah, this kid is great.  Love him to pieces!

1 comment:

  1. Connor is sooooo sweet, Bonnie and Matt! We love him to pieces, too!!
    Give the little man a big hug for us!! Love you guys!!
    Aunt Carol & Uncle Andy