Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Starting to Feel Better! (Updated with Videos!)

Look who is starting to feel more like himself!  Such a big change from yesterday!  Here are a few videos from today:

Warning: Picture overload!

Connor has had such a better day.  He has had his fussy moments, but what 19 month old is happy all the time?  He chilled by himself in the crib most of the day.  We know that this doesn't mean we're 100% in the clear, but it's such a big step in the right direction!

Connor ate 2 2oz. bottles of Pedialyte today AND he just ate 120 oz. of Pediasure.  This kid is a stud!  We could not love him anymore.

He truly shows Matt and I what patience, endurance, and toughness means in life.  Not many people can say they look to a 19 month old for these qualities, but we certainly do.  Connor, we love you SO much and are so glad to see you on the road to recovery!

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