Monday, December 22, 2014

Well Then...

This post was originally titled "Finally" about finally getting to Thanksgiving Break.  Ha.  It also mentioned Connor's canceled surgery.

He was supposed to have surgery today in fact.  We took him in and everything.

But, we had to cancel.  Connor is sick with a cold and congested.  The anesthesiologist listened to him and it wasn't all upper (which means he's got some gunk down in his lungs).  We did an albuterol treatment to see if it helped, but at that point I think we had kind of both resigned to it not happening.
Not that we were really looking forward to it per se.  It's just that the timing was really nice.  Yeah, Christmas would have stunk, but Matt and I both had 2 weeks off (me a full 2 weeks and Matt about a week and a half).

It stinks too because Connor has been really good lately.  It's almost like he knew something was going to happen and he needed to get sick to get out of it!

We actually called yesterday because this weekend was rough.  Actually, rough might be an understatement.  Connor was extremely fussy and inconsolable most of the weekend.  We did have some bright spots though.  Check out this cutie eating his peas like a big boy!

So, for us, it's back to the drawing board with this surgery.  We will need to reschedule so everyone is on board like today (g-tube, ENT, Cardiology, Ophthalmology), and ideally at a time where we both won't have to miss too much work.  

We hope everyone out there who's reading this has a wonderful Christmas!  At least we'll be home for it now (unless Connor has some other sneaky plan up his sleeve!).

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