Monday, August 10, 2015

So, This Happened Today...

Today was a pretty big day in the Walton household.

First of all, I officially went back to work (which means Matt and I will slowly quickly return to being zombies).

We've had a crazy few weeks with his eyes.  If you are super interested, I've detailed it here (mainly for me so I'll remember it all).  If you could care less and just wanna see some pictures and watch a cute video, scroll past the boring medical stuff.

Early on in life, Connor had eye pressure issues (glaucoma).  The past few times his eyes had been checked (while he was sedated for a procedure), his pressures were normal.  I honestly forgot about going to the ophthalmologist to get checked.  So this summer, one of our 8 doctors appointments was ophthalmology.

They wanted to check his pressures and Connor was pretty cooperative.  They used a machine like this one.

From what it looks like to me (a mom who hates eye related things), it squirts a liquid into the eye and gives a pressure reading.  Normal range is 10-20.  His eyes were hovering around 80.  4 times the normal limit.  

If left untreated, it would ultimately lead to blindness.  While we are not really sure if Connor is even seeing now, we still obviously weren't willing to risk that.  So we started 2 eye drops a day and went back 2 days later.  The doctor was really concerned and if the drops didn't work, it would mean surgery.  Just hearing the word surgery made both of our hearts drop.  We had just had a huge surgery that took 7 attempts just to get done!

Luckily, the pressure levels dropped.  His left eye was still pretty high (around 45), so we added an additional drop to the left eye (a total of 3 different drops a day).

We've been back a third time and the pressures were 17 in the right eye and 24 in the left eye.  Since MUSC is a teaching college, there were some students in there and our doctor was kind of quizzing them on what else could be checked or done.  So they decided to check his corneal thickness.  Basically, if his cornea is thicker than normal, that would skew his pressures a bit (certainly not 4 times the normal limit, but some).

So of course, because the poor fella can't seem to have one normal part of his body, his corneas were thick.  That adjusted his pressures down to 11 and 18, both within the normal range.

So...lesson learned.  We will never go this long without having his eyes checked.

Now, that brings me to today's post.  At our first of these visits this summer, I inquired about glasses.  If you're familiar at all with Connor you know that he has a host of things going on neurologically.  In addition to microcephaly, his stroke occured in the part of the brain that controls vision so he has a good bit going against him.  Structurally, he should be able to see out of his right's more of a quiestion if he can process what he's seeing.

So, he gave me a prescription for glasses and they came in today!  Check this stud out!

We're not 100% sure if they're helping or not, but I just love this video I was able to capture!

We are super proud of our sweet boy!

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  1. he looks the specs!! a little Harry Potter, but cool!!! love seeing him sitting up too!!