Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Kicks

So this is going to mainly be pictures because it's about my bedtime and I am tired!

Today we went and got Connor's AFO's fitted (he was casted for them a couple of weeks ago).  Connor did really well and we're excited for him to wear them!  He will wear them when he is in his stander at daycare and when his wheelchair comes in (3-4 weeks hopefully).  We can also put them on him at other times (like when he swings here at home...we just got it in and can't wait to put it up for him!).

Trying them on to see where the pads need to go

Super short video, but that smile at the end just melts my heart!

The best shoes we have for him to wear with the AFO's right now...thanks to whoever gave them to us!

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