Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2 Months Old

Our little bug is 2 months old!  It has been so nice having him home with us and we are sloooowly getting into a routine.  Connor has kept us on our feet with all of his appointments.  We have at least one pretty much weekly.  Here are some pictures of our sweet boy's second month of life.

We thought Connor might be having seizures again because of a leg twitch so we had to go for a 4-5 hour EEG.  Poor baby fussed SO much and he eventually passed out.

Hugging Daddy

Connor LOVES his paci!

Hugging Mommy!  Ignore the overly tired mom...

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care!

Tummy Time

Connor's First Easter!

I just love this picture of him.

Look at those beefy arms

Connor met Mabel and he just loves her.  He can be frequently found kissing her ;)

At 2 months:
  • Connor is still sleeping downstairs in the pack and play. 
  • Connor got off the apnea monitor during the day!  Honestly he should have gotten off it for good because they thought he was on it for his pulmonary hypertension, but he was on it for his seizures.  We weaned him off the phenobarbital and since Connor stopped breathing with his seizures, we wanted to make sure his seizures were under control.  
  • Sleep is better, but he wakes up a lot at night still.  This is totally normal of course, but we are definitely looking forward to more sleep at night.
  • We started Connor on acid reflux medicine.  He arches his back and screams in pain!  We're hoping this helps him.
  • Connor isn't a very good burper...

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