Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 Month Old

Wow, to say it has been a whirlwind month would be an understatement!

Here's how we spent our month...

Matt and I getting ready to leave for the hospital.  Little did we know just how much our lives were going to change.

Ready to meet our little guy!

Our first indicator that something was up...definitely not the 7 to 7 1/2 pound baby we were told to expect.

Hooked up to SO many things.  Poor baby :(

First of many pictures at MUSC.  This was in the Level 2 nursery.  

♥ this picture of him.  He was having some trouble keeping his oxygen levels up on this day.  Little did we know we'd be making a trip up to the NICU due to seizures.

Hooked up to the EEG and hanging with daddy!

After being hooked up to the EEG, it was so nice to see him in a sweet little hat!  We were thinking we might be going home soon at this point.

Of course, we didn't go home then.  Connor's oxygen levels began dropping again on Saturday, so he was hooked up to an EEG again, this time for 4 days!  He's one week old in this picture.

First bath, at least the first one that we'd seen!

Loving on our sweet little boy!

Pondering why he's still at the hospital

How can you not love that face?  

Those cheeks!  It was GREAT to see him off the oxygen.

Big boy touching the bottle :)

Future Air Traffic Controller?  Perhaps!  Connor passed his hearing test which just confirmed Pa's hearing test...snapping fingers next to his ears!

Well, we thought we were leaving the hospital.  A follow up echochardiogram showed pulmonary hypertension.  Talk about heart breaking.  We were literally one day away from being discharged!  This is Connor under his oxygen hood.

After 23 days in the hospital, we are finally going home!  Due to his pulmonary hypertension, he came home on oxygen.  He also came home on an apnea monitor to make sure he wouldn't stop breathing with one of his seizure medicines being weaned.

Oh ya know, just hanging out in my bouncy seat.

It has been such a crazy month.  It's a good thing we have a strong marriage because I think a weak marriage may not have survived.  Matt and I really had to lean on each other during our hospital stay and take turns being strong.  For example, when we were told about his stroke, I was holding Connor.  While we talked about it, I just had a calming positive outlook all because I was holding him during the news.  Connor served kind of like a shield for me.  We were lucky in that there were very few moments where we both broke down together.  It was also hard the first week because we were separated at night.  Matt spent the night at MUSC and I couldn't because I was recovering from a c-section so I couldn't sleep in the family room down at MUSC.

We were also really fortunate to have our families with us.  Every single day our parents came down to the hospital.  They spent all day the first week with us and then we insisted they couldn't miss work.  So after working all day, they would come down with us until we left for the evening.  We had grandparents, siblings, other relatives, and friends come down frequently as well. 

Here's a rundown of 1 Month:
  • We were released from the hospital...finally!
  • We had our days and nights totally mixed up.
  • Connor and I (Matt sometimes too) slept downstairs.
  • Hates tummy time
  • Does not like being put down at all!

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