Monday, June 17, 2013

4 Months

Look who's 4 months old!  Our sweet baby boy has had another milestone month!  Here are some pictures from it :)

I just think he looks like such a little farmer with his hand in his overalls like that!

Kaylee's Graduation Party!

A little bright, but love our little family!

All pooped out from my appearance at the party!

Oh I just love that little face!  I could eat him up!

This nap lasted about 30 seconds after this was taken...

Haha, Heather who works with Matt bought this for Connor and he finally took it.  This just makes me laugh!  Thanks Auntie Heather :)

Daddy was proud that he could hold Connor the way I normally do!

Kinda blurry, but such a sweetie!

Working hard or hardly working during PT?  Working hard on holding my head up!

Morning nap on my Mommy

No more milk please!  Those lips are locked up tight!

♥ that face!

Nana makes him pass out almost immediately.  Too bad we needed him awake so he'd be tired for his audiology appt!

We had another big month...I have a feeling every month will be a big month!
  • We both officially got to see our first smiles!  Of course Connor smiled first for Daddy while I was at the store last month, but we got to see smiles a little more frequently and smiles at both of us!
  • He has also started to talk a little bit.  The first time I was holding him and he made a noise he'd never made before.  I looked down and he did it again and then smiled.  It was a great moment!
  • Connor made his first big appearance at Kaylee's graduation party.  We didn't stay long, but he did great.  It was nice for all of us to get out of the house!
  • I went back to work :(  Luckily I only had to go 3 weeks, but it was still SO hard to leave him!
  • Connor's sleep is so much better at night.  There were some times where he actually slept all night!  Usually though he still wakes up once a night to eat and requires his paci a couple of times.  
  • He's getting much better at tummy time and being by himself on the floor.  

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