Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Connor Laughing

We have had lots of firsts lately.

On July 1, Connor was super mad that I put him down to eat...I know, how dare I.  Anyways, in his anger at me he rolled over from his belly to his back.  I almost missed it because I was in the kitchen grabbing my food!

Later that afternoon he was angry at me again for being on the floor and he was SO close to rolling over from his back to his belly.

On Sunday July 7, I was finally able to catch his adorable little smile with my phone.  He doesn't do it often and it's not for long, so I was thrilled to capture this shot:

Then today was a BIG day!  Connor rolled over from his back to his belly after over a week of trying.  Again, he was a little upset, but we'll take it.  

I'm sensing a theme here...I promise he's not always mad at me!

To prove it, here's an awesome video I captured today.  Seeing and hearing him laugh like this is just amazing.  For months we've only really had fussy or content Connor, with a few smiles and minor laughs mixed in.  It just reminds us just how much we love him and how great he is already.  Such a sweetheart!

Can't wait to see and hear this more.  More importantly, I'm ready for Matt to experience all of these firsthand.  Connor is being a silly little boy and won't roll over for Daddy yet.  Hopefully one day soon!

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