Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 Months Old

It's hard to believe Connor is 7 months old!

We normally put him in an all white onesie, but he was in such a good mood, we hated to change his outfit and risk pissing him off!

When I think back, especially to our time at MUSC, it just seems SO long ago.  The fact that Connor isn't doing things "normal" 7 month olds do also kind of makes it hard to believe he's 7 months old.  He's working hard at holding his head up and is QUITE the mover.  We're not crawling, but he's been scooting for a while now.

This month has been a pretty big month in that Connor was really sick in the beginning.  If you look back at his 6 Month Post, I wrote about him having a pretty nasty cold.  Well that cold turned into a fever.  The fever ended up lasting a little over 5 days.  Finally, 2 different antibiotics later, the fever was gone.  It was rough!  Matt had to stay home from work for a whole week.  Since I took a lot of time off for my maternity leave and I'm at a new school (add in the beginning of the year craziness as well), it made more sense for Matt to stay home.  I'm so lucky and thankful to have such a great husband!

We always joked that Connor was so fussy we'd never know if he was sick.  Oh trust us, we knew.  He made sure we knew.  Poor little guy was just miserable.  We are so glad to not only have a well baby, but a happy baby.  He seems much more happier lately and is giving us lots of smiles and laughs.  Our favorite thing to do now is the Connor Monster.

Here are some sweet pictures of our baby this past month!

This is never a good sign.  It's actually what I'm looking at in real life as I type this...

Connor got a good note home :)

Sick sleepy baby :/

Finally got rid of the bassinet in our room.

Caught him mid-yawn (don't mind the boog in his nose!)

Such a sweetie!

Family picture before the Georgia game!

Connor pregames hard...he's clearly had too many bottles

A little blurry, but look at that happy baby!

He loves sugar from his Pa!

The Giz came over!  Pretty sure he was ecstatic when my parents took him back home!

Officially 7 months old!

He's technically 7 months 1 day old in these pictures, but oh well!  We would've rather gotten happy pictures a day later than sad pictures on 9/17!

Here's a video of my sweet bug feeling all better!

Someone got the hiccups during our photo shoot!

Here's our 7 month recap:
  • Got really sick!  It took Connor over 2 weeks to get over his sickness.  Poor baby ended up with a high fever, was spitting up left and right, and was just overall miserable.
  • At daycare full time.  Connor has been doing really good at daycare, although he's been pretty fussy lately.  We're wondering if maybe it's just hunger.  Hopefully that's it!
  • Overall happy baby.  Lots of smiles and laughs (except when he was sick).
  • Sleep is still about the same.  He's waking up usually once a night to eat.  There are definitely times he thinks it's time to get up for the day and that's rough.  Matt and I are alternating who gets up with him.  On work nights it always stinks if he wakes up at like 3:30, because I know I'll pretty much be up for the day!  He's still sleeping on his belly and will even wake up and cry if he rolls on his back (which is crazy because he knows how to roll over!)
  • Connor is still on all {high calorie} formula.  Since he's gotten over this sickness he's really increased the ounces he takes at a feed, but still enjoys grazing :).  We just switched to a new formula this week that his nutritionist suggested.  TMI Warning: He was having way too many poopy diapers with the other formula, so this new one has definitely seemed to slow that down.  He can't gain any weight if he's not retaining his food!
  • Connor hosted his first party here at our house.  We had a lot of friends over to watch the Georgia/Carolina game.  We were disappointed in the outcome, but loved having so many great friends here!
  • He's really getting better at his independent time.  He's still loving his swing and his belly.
  • We received word earlier this week we'll be heading to Duke for a sedated eye exam.  They also can't get a good hearing test on him so he'll be having a hearing test while he's sedated as well.  Matt and I vowed not to talk about Duke this weekend so that's all I'm going to say about it!
I think that's about it.  Like I said in my previous post, we are so thankful to have our sweet boy in our life and just love him so much.  Happy 7 Months, Connor!

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