Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today Connor is 7 months old!  He was a little fussy tonight, so we didn't do an official photo shoot, but here are some pictures of him before getting his jammies on :)

I'm writing this post more for myself probably than for Connor or anyone else.  I've seen a lot of really touching stories on the news lately and find myself just about in tears (or in tears) over them.  First, there was the story of the kind stranger who paid for a family's dinner with a "special" child.  Then tonight it was this story about a football player with muscular dystrophy who scored a touchdown for his school's football team.  

These feel good stories have an even more special meaning now that we have Connor.  His future is still pretty uncertain.  We don't know what kind of developmental issues he'll face and he's already delayed compared to babies his age.  I'd be lying if I said it's easy to see other babies his age, or younger, who are doing things he should be, but isn't.  Of course it is.  I (and Matt too) still have pitty parties every now and then.  But then I see that sweet smile of his and know that it really doesn't matter.  Yes, he's not doing what typical 7 month olds do.  BUT, I get even more snuggles with my sweet baby boy.  

Taking Connor out to appointments always gets the same old thing:  "Aww, look at the little baby!"  "He's so tiny!"  "How early was he?"  It's easy to get down and get annoyed.  Yes, we know he's small.  No, he wasn't early.  It's something Matt and I are trying to get used to, but doesn't make it any less frustrating.  Connor is a great eater, just a slow grower.  We really like the people that just comment on how cute he is :)

Matt and I are both really open to talking about what's going on with Connor, but when we have to tell new people everything that's going on...that's hard.  Especially when you look at the sweet boy you're talking about and realize how much he's gone through in his mere 7 months of life.  We are so thankful for each day we get to spend with our little man.  He's the love of our lives ♥

On a more positive note, this past weekend we "dogsat" Gizmo while my parents went out of town.  It was fun, but cemented the fact that Giz is much better off at my parent's house.  He would literally start shaking each time Connor cried.  Poor guy!

We also found out yesterday that we'll be heading to Duke next Thursday and Friday.  Connor will have a sedated eye exam on Friday.  From there, they may determine he can get a corneal transplant.  They may also do an optical iridectomy, but we won't know for sure until the eye exam.  We will definitely stay up there Thursday and Friday too if he has the optical iridectomy. Thinking about it makes me a little anxious, so I'm trying not to think about it right now.

We'll have an official 7 month post up soon :)


  1. This blog did me in...I'm sitting here crying at my desk! And the links to the other stories just made it worse. You know how I feel about my most favorite nephew...I'd do anything in the world for him. Its true that he's lucky to have you and Matt as his parents just like we are all lucky to have him in our lives. I mean really...can you think of anything better than that cute smile and sweet laugh?!?

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