Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big, Exciting News for the Waltons!

Let’s start this off with NO, I am NOT pregnant.  That would certainly be big news, but I’m not sure I would be able to say it would be exciting (Hey, Connor demands a lot of attention and is still waking up nightly, usually multiple times a night or up for several hours at a time so we don’t need two little ones doing that!).  

We have put our house on the market!  Basically, the commute is just killing us.  Connor goes to a day care for kids with developmental delays and special needs in West Ashley.  Matt and I both work in North Charleston.  So Matt (being the wonderful dad he is), drives Connor every morning all the way to West Ashley.  Then, depending on my schedule, one of us goes back to West Ashley to get him and then we all come back home to Ladson.  It’s just too much.  Especially since I’m starting a new grade level this year (not that moving won’t be stressful or time consuming, right?!).  

Plus, our house has stairs and we are so over them.  It’s okay with Connor now, but once he gets a little older and a little bigger, carrying him up and down stairs is going to be rough.  Since he may be confined to a chair when he’s older, we really need a one story house.

So, that is our big, exciting news.  If you know of someone that wants to buy a house…wink wink!

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