Thursday, July 31, 2014

Avondale 5K

We are so excited about the Avondale 5K coming up on October 11 at 8:30 a.m.

BUT, before that, there's a Riverdogs game coming up on August 27.
Word is Connor might be making an appearance! Proceeds from the game will benefit the Webb Center so if you can make it out, please come (trust me, I know a Wednesday night game at 7:05 is not ideal)!

So, back to the Avondale 5K.  If you're interested in signing up or donating, I went through and did a step by step tutorial for you (because it can be a little confusing).

If You Can't Attend, but are Donating to the Avondale 5K:

On the main page, click the purple arrow.  IMPORTANT: If you click the donate now link, the money will go in the general fund (which is fine), but won't help Connor's Crew earn the most money.

Once you click Sponsor a Child, this page will come up.  Click on the Pledge Button for Connor's Crew.

Then you'll be taken to Connor's Crew Pledge Page.  On this page, you have several options:
  1. Click the Pledge This Team button at the top right.
  2. Click Make a Pledge Now towards the bottom.
  3. Choose a team member of Connor's Crew to pledge.

If you do #1 or #2, this screen will pop up and you'll choose which team member you'd like to pledge

 Once you've chosen which team member you'd like to pledge, fill out all of your information and submit.  We SO appreciate you supporting the Webb Center.

If You Are Registering to Run/Walk the Race:

Click on the Green Arrow

You have a few options
  1. You can login to Race Roster using your Facebook Account
  2. You can manually enter your information to create a Race Roster account
  3. If you already have a Race Roster account, you can login to it.  
I chose to login with Facebook, but do whatever you're most comfortable with.

Once you have a Race Roster account, you'll be taken directly to this page.  Here, you can choose what you'd like to register for (the 5K, the afterparty, or the Riverdogs game).  Then, fill in your information!

 If you've registered for the race, you'll get to choose your t-shirt size and then you'll be given the option of creating a team or joining an existing team.  Click where the green arrow is pointing to to join Connor's Crew.

From the drop down menu, choose Connor's Crew.

Click the green Save Button.

Now, if you're registering multiple people, you can add them using the button in the middle of that picture.  Once you're finished registering everyone, click the box to agree and then the blue button on the bottom.

On this page, you can choose an optional donation.  IF you want to donate more money, make sure to click the pledge option so it will go towards Connor's Crew (general donation won't and we want Connor to raise the most money!).

This page is where you will fill in your payment information.

Once you've submitted everything, make sure to share it on Facebook!  You can also set up a pledge page so people can pledge you (and ultimately Connor's Crew).

If you want to set up a pledge form, click the blue button and you'll be directed here:

You can change your picture if you'd like.  You can also set a goal of how much money you personally would like people to donate.  Please note, as long as you are part of Connor's Crew, you will automatically have a Pledge Form for people to pledge you.

**If you are old school and don't trust submitting information online to register (ahem, cough, Robert Fralix, cough, cough), you can click here and print this form to mail in as well or you can register the morning of.  Just don't're with Connor's Crew!**

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone for a great time on October 11th!  In case you missed it, here's Connor's page on the Avondale 5K Website!

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