Saturday, August 23, 2014

Take a Ride on the Crazy Train

The Waltons are BUSY.

We've got a lot going on, but first things first, we have some *great* news!

On August 6th, Connor got hooked up for his 6th EEG in not even 18 months of life.  The reason for this was his daily seizures (multiple times a day).  Check out our sweet boy!

So, the results of the EEG came back and it was abnormal (which we knew).  He was having seizures (which we knew).  So, we added Onfi, a new seizure medicine (for a total of 3...that's 3 seizure meds in addition to his 2 acid reflux meds and his heart medication). 

We started off with 1mL at night and then after a week added 1mL in the morning as well.  So far so good.  We haven't seen a seizure ALL WEEK!  He went from having them daily (multiple times a day) to none at all.  We are thrilled!  He has also been in a fabulous mood all week.  The only downside is he doesn't seem to be eating as much (which his small self really can't afford to do).  It's something we'll keep an eye on for sure.  However, we have no way of knowing if it's a side effect of the onfi, related to teething, or just a typical toddler phase of wanting to play all day instead of eat. 

Yup, Connor is playing ALL day.  In fact, as I type this it's 1:40 in the morning and Connor is just talking away in his crib!

So, onto our news.

I've posted before that we put our house on the market.  Well, we were under contract less than a month after being on the market!  Once we signed the paperwork to sell our house, we began house hunting.  We looked at 2 houses in Grand Oaks and are currently under contract on this house!

So, we are set to close on the house we currently live in on Monday September 15 and on our new house Friday September 19.  We are SO excited to be moving back to West Ashley.  The commute is killing us!  Poor Matt drives from Ladson to West Ashley to drop Connor off at day care every morning.  We both work in North Charleston so one of us has to go from N. Chas. to W.A. each afternoon to pick up the bug and then drive back out to Ladson.  Plus, we are looking forward to no more steps!

As if moving weren't enough, I am now teaching 4th grade which I've never taught before.  So that's another big change for me.  It's going well so far (although we're only 5 days in, ha!).  All of my teacher friends know how crazy the beginning of the school year is so moving houses during this time of year is certainly not ideal.

Oh, and let's add to all of this that Matt also has a career change on the horizon.  He is set to start working in the IT Department at Boeing October 3!  We are thrilled for him!  A new job and company  brings its own set of changes for Matt (we all know what an adjustment switching jobs can be).  It will be an exciting change for sure :)

We are going to be crazy busy the next few months, so if we don't seem ourselves, you know why :)

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  1. So exciting to hear all of these positive thing happening for your family! Congrats on the new house, new grade, new job and no seizures!!