Sunday, February 10, 2013

Operation Nursery Part 5

I believe our nursery is FINALLY ready! 

 View from the door

 This shelf holds his toys, most of which are from my wonderful friend Jessie!

 Holy cow, this boy is SET on clothes.  He has lots of great new clothes and tons of hand me downs!

 View from the closet

 Can't wait to see our little boy's face in here

 Lots of dirty diapers will be changed here :)

 View from the glider

 Another glider view

 His books...can't wait to read to our little man!

 Uh, yeah, I think he has enough socks and hats...what about you?

 So many sweet little sleepers :)

Is it possible to have too many bibs?

We can't wait to bring our little man home and see him in this space :)

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