Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Surgery Day 1

Hopefully the next few days will be a little uneventful, but here's an update on our day.

Connor got an okay night's sleep last night considering there was a kid screaming all night next to us (Matt and I got a little over 2 hours sleep each...yikes!)

Can you tell how tired we are here?!

Despite not being able to eat this morning, Connor was a great patient!  All of the pent up stress and emotions were definitely prevalent, especially once we moved to the OR Holding room.  I was really struggling to keep it together.  Especially seeing this sweet face:

We were told the earliest they would be done would be noon since they were taking him back at 8:00.  We got an update around 9:00 that they got started around 8:30 and then around 10:15 we got a call from the surgeon.  Since Matt was talking on the phone, my mind was racing...Why is the surgeon calling us?  Is something wrong?  Did they find something bad out?  Turns out...he was DONE with his part.  He was asking if we wanted cardiology to get in and do an echocardiogram on him since he finished so quickly.  Luckily, cardio was able to do it.

After a while, we checked the surgery board and noticed Connor's number went from the OR to the Recovery Room.  I was so relieved it felt like a huge weight had lifted, but it took FOREVER to finally get the call to go back and that uneasy feeling kept creeping in.  Finally, we were able to go see our sweet, sweet boy.

Connor had just gotten some morphine, but a dose of Daddy was also necessary!

After about 30 minutes in the Recovery Room they brought us back to where we stayed last night (no PICU...yay!).  

Connor has spent most of the day resting,

Medicine time!  This isn't even including the 2 meds he already got in his IV.  We actually used his g-tube for the first time with these meds!  And when I say we, I mean the nurse with us watching and asking her a bazillion questions ;)

I was even able to get his first smile!  It was pretty faint, but it was there!  This evening, Connor has shocked us with his spunkiness.  He is dying to roll over onto his belly, but can't until at least tomorrow.

Here are some videos from this afternoon/evening.  The second one is not the best because I'm moving around so much, but it's hard to keep him from rolling, making sure his drainage basin thingy doesn't tip over, etc.

We again cannot thank everyone enough for your kind thoughts and prayers.  Keep 'em coming because the next few days may be a challenge!

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  1. Glad to him doing so well. We miss him at the Webb. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs and kisses Conner.