Monday, June 15, 2015

Therapy with Connor: Video Overload!

So tomorrow is a long awaited, BIG day for us.  It entails the "s" word.  That's

So in anticipation of the 7th attempt, Connor has spent the past week quarantined at home.  He did have a few visitors, like his lovely therapists, which he greatly appreciated.  Connor loves his daycare friends and has missed them a lot.  Mommy just hasn't been cutting it!

So, here are some videos of our sweet guy with his therapists.

Ms. Stacy (his speech therapist) came by and worked on lots of really good things.  I actually videoed so I would know what to work on with Connor.  We were really proud of Connor at the end of the video if you couldn't tell!

I love this video because Connor gets SUCH a good grip on the light bulb/ball.  While Connor's grip is really strong, he really struggles to grab on to things so this was really exciting!

See above!

So, not videos but he worked so hard for Mrs. Denise his physical therapist!

These are pretty old, but I think pretty funny.  Mrs. Heather, his occupational therapist, gave us these techniques to do because baths have been rough around here lately!

So with Daddy, Connor's brush therapy goes pretty smoothly.  He's a good boy and super sweet!

And with Mommy, someone is a huge wiggle worm!  He's so nutty!

And now, just some fun videos of Connor playing.

So feel free to bookmark this link if you ever need a pick me up.  I know after the fussy boy I've had off and on this past week, these videos are awesome!

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