Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Have Movement!

Like I mentioned before, our little man (or mister as we sometimes call him) was moving all over the place during our last ultrasound.

The tech said it could be 20-22 weeks before I felt him wiggling and moving around.  I knew that, but that definitely has not stopped me from anxiously waiting to feel him anytime I was still.  Poking and prodding ensued to but to no avail.

There were a few evenings last week that I thought I felt him when I was laying down to sleep.  I would rest my hand on my belly and I thought I would feel a little kick in there.  But, it couldn't be a kick right?   It's supposed to feel like "bubbles" or "flutters."

On Saturday, Matt and I were driving to pick up Thomas to head over to the Brownlee's to watch the Carolina game.  Matt kind of hit the brakes/swerved a bit (I'm sure he loves this part...HA!) and when we were waiting to turn, I swear I felt some movement.  But that seemed crazy...I thought you were supposed to feel your baby for the first time when you're sitting still.  I mean, granted I was sitting still, but we were in the car!

Needless to say I was curious whether or not I would feel the same movement over several days.  I can officially say YES!  Tuesday night I could really feel him when I was reading before bed.  I told Matt on Wednesday that I was 90-95% certain it was baby.  It almost felt like a roller coaster in my belly!

Then, last night we were watching the new Justin King video and in the beginning (when the music is loud and fast) I could feel him wiggling around.  SO cool.

Of course it's still too soon for Matt to feel on the outside, but it definitely makes this baby and pregnancy seem totally real.  I knew it was real, but I think because it all happened SO quickly it almost didn't seem real.

Now if only we could agree on a name for him...

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