Sunday, September 30, 2012

Operation Nursery, Part 1

I like to call getting our nursery underway Operation Nursery.  Mainly because the nursery started off looking like this:

Don't judge please.  This room has stored our Christmas and all of my extra teaching supplies.  It also is where all of our goodies from Jessie got stored.

I was itching to get started, but Matt insisted we make a list.  Here's what we broke it down to:

So, we got started.  I went through my 5 (yes, 5) boxes of books from my classroom and I'm happy to say all but about 20 books are going to Goodwill.  I also went through my college textbooks and was able to sell back 4 to Amazon for a whopping $14!  Whoop whoop!  The rest will be donated to Goodwill as well.  

After last weekend, this is the progress we'd made:

Everything in the room is now baby related.  We have 
  • The swing & jumper from Jessie 
  • Our (yet to be installed) ceiling fan and light
  • The baby book we bought
  • A frame that was a gift from a long time ago (it's yellow and says Heaven Sent)
  • The rocking chair that was given to Matt's dad as a kid
  • The bib from Gareth and Ashley
  • The socks from my parents
  • Matt's stool from when he was a kid
  • A little storage thing we got from Goodwill several years ago
In case you're curious, the white washcloth on the floor is to hopefully absorb some Giz piss spots.  Yup...Giz has tried to mark this room as well.

Matt hasn't quite finished cleaning out the closet yet, but we did move his t-shirts and polo shirts out.  Baby Walton has quite the array of baby hangers (thanks Michele!) just waiting to be put to use.  I hung his 3 USC onsies in here.  No worries...we won't be using the pink hangers.  My friend Ashley is pregnant so if she has a girl, they're all hers!

Here's our To-Do list now.  I am actually totally done because the paint is bought!  Here's a peek :)

We also ordered our nursery furniture which is this set:
We did not order the tall dresser on the right.

We are super excited and ready to get Part 2 underway soon!

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  1. I love the color! Ha operation nursery! Love it!! That's how all nursery's start off...from a giant pile of randomness. PS The jumper comes apart. Press the metal buttons like in 6 different places. You can store that bad boy in the closet. Congrats on feeling TreVonte move! I miss being pregnant! It's the coolest experience!