Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Shower

On Sunday December 9, my sweet family threw me my baby shower.  I was really nervous for some reason.  I guess part of me doesn't enjoy having a lot of attention on me.   There are LOTS of pictures so be warned.

Fruit Baby the "baby"!

The cake!

Diaper Cake my sister made!

The box in the middle has "cupcakes" in it:  onesies wrapped in a blanket.  Also made by Michele!

More food at the sweets table.  Everything was SO good!

Some of the yummy food

More of the food!

My mom and me!

SO many presents!

Baseball sleeper from Hannah.  She picked it out all by herself and wrapped the gift too!  Connor will love it :)

Monkey sleeper

Adorable little sports outfit

 Our mobile!

and our lamp!

Adorable outfit...this may be his coming home outfit!

Not sure you can tell, but I was totally crying when I opened this gift.  My sweet roommate from college sent this gift as a surprise for my shower.  She was actually planning to come, which is so crazy because she lives in Atlanta!  It was such a nice surprise and I busted out crying!

Can't wait to hang this in the nursery!

Mom learning all about the giraffe teether!

Adorable doggy pull toy from Connor's MiMi!

Book from Aunt Michele and cousins Kaylee, Kimber, & Hannah!

Another gift from Michele, Kaylee, Kimber, & Hannah.  A HUGE clothesline full of outfits, bibs, and onesies.

And yet another gift!  Seriously, how adorable is this outfit?  I can't get enough!

Love this smocked outfit!

Adorable sleepers!

A big helper!

Adorable baby blanket

Two gorgeous Vanna Whites!

Dog outfits from Gareth, Ashley, and Nancy!

It took the whole shower, but these two FINALLY became friends! :)

Adorable blue sweater with hat

Phew...all done!

So many wonderful presents!

Bassinet from my parents.

 Michele and me

The grandmothers and me

 My Mom, Michele, and me

Bahaha, I had to...this picture cracks me up!

Connor is already such a loved little boy!  We can't wait to meet him!

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