Monday, March 4, 2013

2 Weeks Old

I never would have thought we'd be celebrating Connor being 2 weeks old at MUSC, but alas, we are still there.

SO much has happened in our time at MUSC.  I may write another post outlining just how crazy our days have been with news, tests, and results.  Connor has certainly been put through the wringer.

Here are some pictures of him at 2 weeks old!

This is his "thinking face"

I love seeing all of the different positions he sleeps in

Oh my goodness, I can't get enough of this face!  

My little chunky monkey is putting on some weight!

We got a little nervous driving down Sunday morning because Matt got a phone call from our favorite NICU nurse Katherine.  She was actually calling to say Connor was getting moved from the NICU back down to Level 2!  This was GREAT news, but we were SO sad to not have Katherine as our nurse anymore.  She was fantastic and took such great care of our little guy.  

He was weighed Sunday night and he weighed 5 pounds 6 1/2 ounces!  Not too shabby considering they said it could take up to 2 weeks just to get back to your birth weight!  Our little boy LOVES to eat, which is not surprising considering his Mommy and Daddy like to eat too!  He still has his feeding tub in in these pictures, but it was taken out today.  For some reason a couple of nurses couldn't get him to eat out of a bottle, but Matt and I had no problems.  He was also changed from a set amount of food to being "ad lib" which means he can eat as much as he wants, when he wants.  The nurses said he's been a much happier baby now.  Believe it or not, last week they were giving him Adavan (sp?) for anxiety because they couldn't calm him down.  I bet he was just hungry!

Today he is 2 weeks, 1 day and he has been doing SOOOO good.  I am one proud mommy!  The neurologist came by today and said aside from having a little weak muscle tone, everything else looked great...he was moving all limbs equally and he had good head control.  He also got an x-ray done on his lungs, just to make sure everything looks good.  He's been on oxygen ever since day 1, thus the nasal cannula in all the pictures.  Yesterday we were having to bump him up to 40% oxygen during feeds and it was kind of an up down all day with his oxygen levels.  We rarely went below 25% oxygen.  Well today, his oxygen was FANTASTIC!  He did great on room air (21% oxygen...the lowest it gets) and a flow of 2 (yesterday it was at 4).  Matt asked what is keeping us from going home and they said they would really like to get him off the oxygen totally and us not have to go home on it.  So we were thinking we should be home by mid-week or the weekend at the latest.  Then, we had a curve ball thrown at us.  They want to wean him off one of his seizure medicines and see if we can go home on only one.  Unfortunately this means we'll likely be at MUSC at least another week.  The plus side is we can maybe go home on less medicine and if it's something Connor doesn't need, he won't be on it.

We really appreciate every one's thoughts and prayers during this time.  To say it has been an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement.  Matt and I are so thankful for everyone and especially for our little man Connor...we already love him so much!

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