Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 Weeks Old

Connor is officially 3 weeks old today!

He is seriously the sweetest little boy ever! Matt and I can't get enough!

We are still being told that he will be discharged tomorrow, but it's hard to get too excited because we've been down this road twice before.  However, everyone seems positive tomorrow is the day.  We have a lot that has to go on before we leave the hospital:

  • Follow up echo without the oxygen hood to determine if we need to go home on oxygen
  • Car seat test to make sure he can handle being in the car seat without any apnic events
  • Get the apnea monitor set up
Here are some videos we took of Connor yesterday...he's such a stud!

He is NOT a fan of being under his oxygen hood and will try to escape:

Not sure why this video is so dark, but oh well

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