Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally Home

We are finally home with our little man.  I'm still working on a post that outlines everything we went through at MUSC.  We did end up getting to leave Monday, but it was not until after 6 p.m.  We knew there were a lot of things that needed to be done to come home so Matt and I woke up early and were at the hospital by 8:30.  The eye doctors paid us a surprise visit, something we definitely weren't expecting.  The echo tech didn't come until 1:00 of course right after Connor ate so he hadn't been under his oxygen hood for about 30 minutes and he also wasn't asleep.  He screamed the entire time and at one point we had to stop the ultrasound so Matt could pick him up to calm him down.  She said she wasn't sure how good the pictures would be and the doctors would look at them "in the next couple of hours" and he may have have 2 more echos done.  We started to think he may not get to leave after all.

We did find out that Connor did not have to do the car seat test so that was an hour and a half we didn't have to worry about.  The cardiologist came by and confirmed we could leave around 3:45 so we were SO happy.  However, Connor would have to come home on oxygen.  At that point we didn't care...we just wanted him home!  We called our family to let them know and began picking out which outfit he would come home in.  While we were doing that, Tammy our nurse practitioner came in and said we wouldn't be able to come home because the oxygen people couldn't come.  We were crushed.  Luckily someone from the hospital called and we were able to get someone to come out and give us some temporary tanks to last through the night.  The eye doctors then came back while the oxygen guy was there and gave Connor a full eye exam which he HATED.  It broke my heart to hear him wailing.  The good news was that he didn't set off his high heart rate alarm on the apnea monitor!  They prescribed some eye drops for Connor.

Here we are leaving MUSC after 23 days at the hospital

It has been very little sleep for mommy and daddy while Connor adjusts to life at home.  The past two nights I've gotten probably 2-4 hours of sleep in random chunks.  But, this little boy is all worth it!

Here are some pictures from our first night at home:
Daddy and Connor on our first night home

 Tummy Time on our first night home!

Here are some pictures from today:
 He loves his Rainforest Bouncer from Auntie Jessie!

I don't know why this picture won't rotate, but look who tore off his tape.  This kid is STRONG!

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  1. So this is my first time visiting your new blog and oh my you have been through a lot! What a blessing to have him home. I hope all is well now.