Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halfway There!

Nothing like posting my 20 week post at 20 weeks 6 days!

20 weeks:  Belly with how I normally stand

20 weeks:  Sucking in...see, some of it might just be more belly and less baby ;)

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I go back to the doctor on Monday the 8th so I'll find out then.  I'm SURE I've gained something though.
Maternity clothes? I am wearing maternity shorts, jeans, and capris.  However, it's still pretty dang hot here so I wear skirts and dresses every day to work.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Not as good.  It's like I'm paranoid I didn't set my alarm or that I won't hear it.  I have no problem falling asleep, escpecially after feeling him moving around.  
Best moment this week: Picking out and ordering our nursery furniture!
Miss Anything? Same old same old.  I made teriyaki chicken for dinner this week and I just couldn't eat it.  So's my favorite meal!
Movement: Yes!  Love feeling him squirm about.  On my way home the other day he was moving and grooving to this song.
Food cravings: None.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Uh, yeah, that teriyaki chicken.  I thought I was going to throw up.
Have you started to show yet: I would say so.  Someone commented today that I'm starting to look round from the front.  I do feel like my stomach's shape is changing.
Gender: It's a boy (with no name!)
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In...I've got a really deep one so hopefully it'll take a while
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but I can tell I don't have a ton of patience at work!
Looking forward to: Finishing setting up the nursery...our furniture is here!

20 Weeks, 1 Day:  Can you spot our little photo bomber ;)

20 Weeks, 2 Days:  First thing in the a.m.

We're excited about the Carolina Georgia game this weekend.  Hoping for baby and I that it's not too terribly stressful!

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  1. Awwww...I have been waiting on some belly shots!! So. Freaking. Cute.