Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Sick

Obviously I was feeling pretty good yesterday, as evidenced by my post.

We headed off to our friend's house to watch the Carolina game.  Matt was feeling okay and I felt fine.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

On the way over, I started to feel a tickle in my throat.

Throughout the night, my throat started killing me.  Coughdrops and water were NO relief.  I knew what that meant...

By the time we got home, I went straight to bed and slept terribly.  I knew I didn't need to swallow to sleep, but it was like I couldn't not swallow.  It was knives every time I swallowed.  I told Matt before we went to sleep that if I wasn't any better in the morning I'd be going to the doctor.  I just knew this wasn't good.

Sure enough, I still felt like crap this morning.  Eating cereal helped a little, but it was still bad.

I headed to Nason Medical around 9:00 and told them I thought I had strep.

I've had strep at least 5 times since I started teaching.  I never had it as a child which is odd because it is much more common in children.  However, I have enormous tonsils, so I think that makes me more susceptible.  I think I'm going to eventually need to get them taken out...

They did the strep swab and the tech commented on how enlarged my tonsils were.

The doctor came in and peeked and also commented on how huge they were.  I made sure to mention (even though it was on my paperwork) during his exam that I'm pregnant.

He came back and confirmed what I suspected...I have strep.

He prescribed Amoxicillin which is safe for pregnancy, but I was about in tears.  Not only was I in pain, but I felt bad that now I'm taking 30 pills for this infection, and even though it's safe, I've tried to avoid lots of things during this pregnancy.  I'm sure the lack of sleep last night didn't help.

I will definitely not be going to work tomorrow because I feel like absolute crud today.  Connor has been pretty active so that does make me feel a little better.

Matt has been very sweet and Gizmo has enjoyed lounging around all day with me.

Needless to say our Babies R' Us trip is delayed...major bummer :/

Here's to hoping tomorrow is better and the antibiotics kick in soon...

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