Thursday, November 8, 2012

25 Weeks

Another week down!  Very hard to believe I have less than 15 weeks to go.

How far along? 25 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 14 pounds gained. I gained a pound a week between my appointments which is what I was told to do so yay!  I gained 4 pounds between appointments.
Maternity clothes? Yes. I got another pair of maternity pants from Target on Tuesday and I should be able to get through with 3 pairs of maternity work pants.  I can still wear a lot of my regular tops though.
Stretch marks? Still none
Sleep: Overall pretty good.  I'm pretty sure I can feel him moving in my sleep, but I luckily haven't been woken up by it.  I usually get up once a night to go to the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Setting up the crib.  SO exciting!
Miss Anything? I am dying for a fountain soda.  I seriously can't wait.    
Movement: Yes!  I love feeling him move and can feel him daily now.  Matt still has not felt it, but it should only be a matter of time.  On election night he was moving like crazy!
Food cravings: None, just hungry all the time!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I've been really lucky!
Have you started to show yet: Yep!
Gender: Still a boy!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In....and still very deep
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  This past weekend was SO nice.  We put the crib together and then on Sunday we went shopping.  I finally convinced Matt to get some more work pants and we also got him some new shoes.  Every place we went he cracked me up.  When we were at the shoe place, he walked by a display and knocked the shoes and sign off.  Then, when he bent over to pick them up, his sunglasses fell off his head.  I of course laughed hysterically   We went to Moe's for lunch to kill some time before the mall opened.  Matt went to drink his water and forgot he had a straw in the cup and proceeded to poke himself in the face.  Again, laughing ensued from me.  Finally, we spent an hour going to all of the major department stores at the mall looking for Matt's pants.  No one seemed to make pants for him (tall and skinny).  Our last stop was Sears and we were hopeful since we had bought Matt some jeans from there before.  We couldn't find any work pants, but we did find another pair of jeans.  Walking over to the fitting room I spotted some pants that could work and they had his size!  Yay!  So, Matt excitedly tries them on.  All of a sudden I hear him from the fitting room saying they won't work.  Yeah, the size we had spent an hour trying to find?  Too small.  Matt suddenly remembered, after checking his jeans, that he was not the size we had looked for.  I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.  Good thing we got an extra hour!
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving Break and (I know I'll regret this later) getting bigger!  Also, we're hoping to do a 3D ultrasound this weekend.
Other: Heartburn is still with me daily (♥ my Tums!).  I can't wait to figure out what exactly I'm feeling.  When we went to the doctor, she asked what side he is normally on.  I had no idea!  I told her the side I feel him moving the most (my right side) and she confirmed that side was harder than the left side.  I have no idea how they know...feels the same to me!  His heartbeat at our appointment was around 143, although it kept going up and down.  He did not like the Doppler!

Off to eat dinner!  Connor has been active this entire post! 

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