Saturday, November 3, 2012

Operation Nursery Part 3

Today was a very exciting day!  We put our crib together!

We met Matt's parents and Gareth and Ashley at Los Reyes (best place EVER!).  Then, we went to Babies R' Us and picked up Gareth and Ashley's nursery furniture.  After that, Gareth and Ashley came over and helped us put together our crib and changing table.

Here are some pictures of the progress!  Warning:  Photo Overload!

Getting started!  Ashley and I just sat and watched.  I was the official photographer.

Gizmo isn't too sure what to think about all of this.  But he's pretty sure he does NOT like it!

All done!!!

Starting on putting together the changing table.  Our changing table sets on top of our dresser and can easily be taken off when we don't need it anymore.

Getting ready to put the knobs on.

Gizmo likes to pretend he's a big helper.

Probably my favorite picture.  Gareth is holding a bag of screws and asking why what they're for.  The look on Matt's face is priceless!  I should mention they thought they were totally finished at this point!

Our changing table and dresser.  Yay!

Ashley insisted on vacuuming.  She definitely has a hard head, just like me!

Another quick view of the dresser with changing table.

We are so excited to have these things set up.  Everything is starting to feel so real.  Of course, feeling Connor constantly moving helps that as well!  We really appreciate the Walton's for helping us get our furniture picked up and the Davies' for helping us set it up.  Soon we'll be setting up their crib!

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