Sunday, November 11, 2012

3D Ultrasound

Matt and I went today to Small Wonders Imaging in Summerville to get a 3D ultrasound done for Connor.  It was very exciting!  

I actually had kind of an upset stomach earlier today, but I wonder if it was just nerves?

The ultrasound is really cool and it's interesting to see how he looks skinny or distorted in some pictures but plump and healthy in others!

I had to lay on my side to get some good shots.  His head is on my left side near my pelvis bone.  Makes sense because most of the movement I feel is on my right side so I guess I'm feeling some big 'ol kicks!

He had his head tucked into his chest most of the time so it was kind of hard to get some good facial shots of him.  He is SUCH  a sweet boy and I absolutely cannot wait to meet him in real life!  Well, okay.  I can.  I can definitely wait until say February 15.  

It's finally starting to seem real that we have a little man on the way.  

Here are all of our pictures:

Rubbing my face

Look at that smooshed up nose!

Profile in regular 2D.  Check out that spine!

His arms look SO skinny here!

And not so skinny here!

His heartrate was 148.

BIG stretch!

I just love this picture.  What a sweetie!

Flexing?  Stretching?  Showing off his muscles?

Flexing?  Stretching?  Showing off his muscles?

Some of them are super clear and others look a little funny, but we are so glad we did this and got a "sneak peek" at our little man!

Also glad to see he's doing well after his first Carolina game yesterday!

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  1. OMG That's so amazing!! He already looks just like Matt! Look at those cheeks and nose! All he needs to do is pop out with a head full of blond hair. How cool!! I never got this done (ahem, Ryan was too cheap), but I always wanted too! He's so handsome already!! How cool!!!!